• No special preparation is needed before an EEG
  • Please try to attend with clean hair, free from styling products
  • Medications to be taken as normal before an EEG
  • You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you would like to
  • EEG will be performed by a Clinical Neurophysiologist who will ask routine questions regarding your medical history, current medications, and current symptoms
  • You will be asked to sit on a couch, 25 electrodes will then be placed at specific points of your scalp using a cotton bud to clean the scalp, then a conductive paste to attach each electrode separately
  • 2 electrodes will be placed on your shoulders to record heart activity (ECG)
  • Once all wires are attached the test will take approximately 20 minutes during which you will be asked to sit quietly
  • You will be asked to open and close your eyes briefly every few minutes
  • Part way through recording you may be asked to perform a period of deep breathing, and to undertake a period of looking at flashing lights
  • If you fall asleep during EEG the recording may be prolonged to 30 minutes
  • At the end of the EEG all of the electrodes will be removed and your head cleaned using damp gauze
  • Your head will feel sticky, but this will come out when you wash your hair
  • There are no side effects to having an EEG and you can go home or carry on with your daily routine as usual

When will I receive the results?

The recording will be analysed and report will be sent to yourself and the referring clinician within one week.