There are different treatments available. Your referring healthcare practitioner will talk these through with you however the most common treatments will depend on the severity of your symptoms and the results of your nerve conduction tests.

Wrist splint: removable splints worn at night that aim to keep the wrist at a neutral angle without applying force over the carpal tunnel to rest the nerve.

Steroid injection: this is an injection into or near to the carpal tunnel which can ease symptoms

Surgery: this is usually recommended for continued / severe symptoms. It is the best chance for a long term cure. This involves a twenty-minute procedure which is typically done under local anesthetic as a day case, meaning you can go home the same day. A small cut in the palm of the hand is made and the ligament which is causing pressure over the nerve is released. The skin is closed with several stitches and a light dressing is applied, followed by a bulky bandage